Friday, 12 August 2011

22 Years Old Already!!!!!!!!!

Just a week my birthday past. Today I am 22 years old. A step to become a woman. Everything play around in my mind. All about my own life. Design own life is not easy as we think. But it too complicated. Too complicated until my mind become sick when hardly thinking about it. I need to think about job, relationship, responsibility to family and how to become perfect person for everyone.

Even i know no people come in perfect and always right but i try my best to be a perfect person. Just learn about life make me more matured and know people behavior so well. 

Sometimes when think about 22 years old, i like to reverse time. Reverse to 20 years, when I am in 2 years old. Nothing to be consider and take serious. Just happy and laugh. No worries, No sickness, No hurt, No sadness and No frighten.

But all of this just a dream. A dream that impossible happen. So... what happen now i just need to face it out. Learn and analyses about it. Try to find solution as possible as i can. Because life is "going on". No stop.. No pause.. No rewind.. and No reverse backward.....

Hope 22 years old is like a school that teach me more about life and people......Go!!! Go!!!!! Fadzlin Farkhana Binti Sa'adin...

Life is going on

Allah is everything for me.

Nothing come in Perfect but We can Try to Improve Ourselves

Kalau Berminat..Jangan Segan nak Klik. Percuma

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